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We are not only helping clients all over the world to build websites for them and their clients, but also keep an eye on all sites we developed, to provide extra service of upgrading all sites for clients, making sure these websites are the newest and most secured.

Why is upgrade so important?

As you are aware CMS websites are like software and will require critical upgrades from time to time. Upgrading to the latest version of your Joomla CMS and other CMS based websites will provide the following key benefits:

  • Higher security standard of your website
  • Far greater compatibility and stability
  • Improved website visiting speeds and performance
  • Bugs on website fixed
  • New extension functions and features
  • Much better adapted for future internet changes

What if you choose to not upgrade?

  1. There is the greater threat that your website may be hacked or compromised due to old out-dated system vulnerabilities.
  2. There are increased risks of website information disclosed/leaked, including the potential risks of disclosing website access information and user data.

What do you offer with your Joomla update service?

Every website is unique, so for starters, we'll examine your Joomla installation in detail and provide you with a quote for what it will cost to upgrade your website. To upgrade your website we will:

  1. Do all work locally so that you experience no downtime on your website.
  2. Review your installed extensions, update them to the latest version.
  3. Locate comparable extensions to any old extensions that are no longer being developed and migrate your data to the new extensions.
  4. Review and make any necessary changes to your Joomla Template files.
  5. Review and make changes to your database data, migrating your data.
  6. Work with you to install your newly upgraded site for you or we can simply provide you with the upgraded site files and database.

What to do from here?

After getting the inquiries from you, we will take the liberty to review your website, and then send you a comprehensive quote of the associated components/modules that require an urgent upgrade for your particular website. Simply please fill in and submit the form that you see on the right hand side of this page. We will review the completed form and contact you to discuss the specifications.

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