Vina Treeview for K2

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  • Created: March 12, 2014
  • Version: 1.3
  • Last update on: November 25, 2015
  • License: GPLv2 or later
  • Type: Commercial
  • Compatibility: Joomla 3.4+
  • Read: 8858 times

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Vina Treeview for K2 is a great module of Joomla 3. It's allows display K2 categories in a tree view, like a file explorer. This is useful for using K2 as business directory or any listing type. This module works great with Joomla 3.2.x and K2 version 2.5.6 or later.

You can run multiple Vina Treeview for K2 on a single page with much more options via module parameters.

Notice: From version v1.1.0 you can show/hide items on each category inside treeview (you also can control number of items will display, and ordering as you want.)

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Module require:

- Joomla 3.4.1 or later.

- K2 v2.5.6 or later.

What you get:

- Install Package for Joomla 3.x

- Free Documentation.

- Email support in 24h.

- Ticket support.

- Forum support.


VERSION 1.0.0 - January 15, 2014

- First release.

VERSION 1.0.1 - October 15, 2014

- Fix bug: Strict standards in helper.php on line 237

- Defined JTEXT for control links.

VERSION 1.1.0 - January 24, 2015

- New Features: Show/hide items on each category in treeview.

VERSION 1.2 - June 16, 2015

- Add item alias in the link to item details page.

VERSION 1.3 - November 25, 2015

- Add 3 New Styles: Black, Gray, FamFamFam

- Remove background color for active item.

- Remove white background of children items.

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